The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Letters --1989 -- from Harriet Hilton -- Bingham, Maine -- to the Harness Racing Museum, Goshen, New York

Paul Wilder, librarian at the Harness Racing Museum, sent me
 a PDF file that contained these two letters. At the time of writing
 these letters, Harriet Hilton was 95. I wonder if the reply
 from the Museum still exists! My appreciation is extended to
 the Harness Racing Museum for sending this gem to be posted on
the Lost Trotting Parks Blog.

Rysdyk's Hambletonian

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blue Hill Historical Society

Today Libby and  I completed a day trip from Hallowell
 to Belfast, to Castine, to Blue Hill, to Deer Isle, and
 to Stonington. Part of our time in Blue Hill was spent
 at the  Blue Hill Historical Society. I dropped by
 to see if the society had any information or images on
 the Blue Hill Fair and the history of harness racing.
Courtenay Haight, the Society's Vice Present greeted
me. Courtenay was most helpful and made my
visit a success! My thanks!
 Below are the photographs I took while visiting
 the Blue Hill Historical Society.
More posts will follow!

Ice Racing on the Mill Pond in Limestone, Maine

This is a photo of my grandfather, A.L. (Roy) Thompson
racing on the ice in Limestone, Maine!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Estate Sale -- The Celebrated Elmwood Stud Farm -- 1906

Skowhegan History House -- A Treasure on the Kennebec

In July I spent a morning at the Skowhegan History House 
collecting images and newspaper articles relating to 
the Skowhegan Fair and the Fairlawn Farm.
My appreciation to Lee Granville and and the
staff at the Skowhegan History House!

Skowhegan History House
66 Elm Street
Skowhegan, Maine

Telephone: (207) 474-6632

Curator - Lee Granville
President - Melvin Burnham
Secretary - Margo Reid
Treasurer- Patricia Horine
Heritage Shop- Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator-  Volunteer Coordinator
Photographs taken by Stephen D. Thompson

1940 Aerial of East Poland, Maine Reveals Possible Halo of the Elmwood Stud Farm Practice Track

This image of the intersection between the Lewiston Junction
Road and the Dunn Road reveals a track halo that just might
be the halo of the practice track at the Elmwood Stud Farm.
If this is the track, it allows you to explore ideas around
the artist's location and perspective as he created the painting
that became the engraving of the Elmwood Stud Farm.
Bob Bills from the Androscoggin Soil and Water Conservation
District was key to locating the Dunn Road aerials.

Remembering the Dunn Road, East Poland, Maine

On Friday August 19th, I visited with Lionel Furland
and Jim McKay on the front porch of the McKay
farmhouse. I spent about forty minutes videotaping
the two in conversation. They spoke about their
families, how their fathers participated in the log drives,
and farming in East Poland. The Dunn Road is the
location where James S. Sanborn (Chase & Sanborn Coffee)
operated the Elmwood Stud Farm specializing in the road horse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fairgrounds Road, North New Portland

Madison's Lost Trotting Park

Four Famous Early American Horses -- Lady Suffolk, Hopeful, Mac, and Smuggler -- from Famous American Horses 1877

Lady Suffolk was the first horse to trot the mile under 2.30.
Lady Suffolk was the inspiration for 
the song, "The Old Gray Mare."

Hopeful was raised by Daniel Fletcher of Buckfield, Maine.

Mac by Caesar Morgan was foaled on Moose Hill
in East Livermore, Maine. *

Smuggler set a State of Maine record in 1876 
at the Bangor Trotting Park
Smuggler also trotted at Oakland Park in Gardiner, Maine.*

* from the research of Clark P. Thompson,
  Maine's Trotting Horse Heritage Trail