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The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Gardiner Lyceum -- 1823 -- Address by Robert Hallowell, Gardiner, Maine

-- From the History of Kennebec County, Kingsbury and Deyo
Chapter XXIV, p. 638 --
Courtesy of the Archives Room, The Gardiner Public Library
Gardiner, Maine
"The Gardiner Lyceum, established by R.H. Gardiner in 1822, was designed in all respects to be a college without dead languages. The building ws of stone and had an excellent cabinet and philosophical apparatus. The first principal was Reverend Hale, rector of Christ's Church. The patronage of the school was small, and in 1848 the school was established as an academy with Dr. G.S. Palmer as principal.

In 1851 the building was transferred to the City of Gardiner and a free high school was then established, and occupied it until the fall of 1870 when it was burned.

Famous First Facts by Joseph Nathan Kane, p. 509.

"The First technical institute in the United States was the Gardiner Lyceum which was established in 1822 due to the efforts of Benjamin Hale. Short courses were given in civil architecture, navigation, chemistry and agriculture. The school's existence depended upon fees, gifts, and grants from the Maine State Legislature. The school was created "for the purpose of giving to farmers and mechanics such a scientific education as would enable them to become skillful in their professions."

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