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The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

Monday, November 5, 2012

Images of Saddleback Farm -- East Baldwin, Maine -- Proprietor: Orestes Pierce -- 1884

-- Saddleback Farm -- 
The Horse may have been King, but
the Jersey Cow was Queen of Butter Production!

Curiosity led me to finding out more about Saddleback Farm in East Baldwin, Maine. Today perhaps a foundation or a well cover may be the only evidence that this farm ever existed. I initially called the East Baldwin Town Office. -- No Answer -- I then thought perhaps locate a local realtor with knowledge of East Baldwin. That worked! The realtor led me to Josiah Pierce who led me to Peter Cyr, one of the local historian. Joe Pierce told me an interesting story. When the last Pierce to own the farm died her will stated that all was to be torn down. The car was to be driven into the well and buried. However, lucky for the car, the chauffeur drove off with it.

Henry Pierce may have been the original owner of the farm, but he ventured out to California. Eventually, Orestes moved West. Orestes obituary presents tells the story of an accomplished man who made worthy contributions to the world.

More to this story will unfold in future Lost Trotting Parks Posts!

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