The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Images of Central Maine Park -- Waterville, Maine -- 1905 through 1912

Horsemen at Central Maine Park

Waterville, Maine -- 1905

W.F. Cool, Pittsfield

R.W. Burrill, Bangor

L.A. Bartlett, Belgrade

F.N. Vining, St. Albans
L.H. Ryder, Bangor
Walter F. Webb, Augusta
J.W. Pottle, Portland
P.B. Gilman, Waterville
E.R. Hayden, Lewiston
F.M. Bowman, Augusta
H.B. Rallston, Brighton, Mass.
C.H. Simpson, Waterville
Charles Dustin, Pittsfield
W.W. Hisler, Weeks Mills
E. Kennedy, Lewiston
Pearl Brook Farm, North Belfast
Calais Stock Farm, Calais
Henry L. Titer, Readville, Mass.
Allie Merryfield, Saugus, Mass.
Morrison Stock Farm, East Livermore
Ira Mitchell, Waterville
H.B. Small, Topsham
E.L. Fisher, Pittsfield
H.B. Small, Waterville
C.H. Davison, Waterville
S.A. Fowler, St. Johns, N.B.
J.R. Sederquest, St. Stephens, N.B.
Frank Mahue, Waterville
C.H. Nelson, Waterville
William Cummings, Bangor
A. Merrifield, Baltimore, MD
G.W. Gerow, Yarmouthville
L.L. Gentner, Belfast
E.J. Kirby, Rockland
E.W. Gahan, Boston, Mass.
G.E. Whitney, Enfield, N.H.
W.F. Bisbee, Camden
R.L. Bean, Camden
E.J. Kirby, Rockland
J.H. Goddard, Lewiston
Frank Chase, Waterville
H.A. Dodge, Dark Harbor
W.J. Furbush, West Newton, Mass.
A.L. Sawyer & Son, Sabattus

Percy B. Gilman, Waterville

George B. Allen, Camden

Bert  McCoomb, Skowhegan
R.D. Waite, Lewiston
F.B. Fogg, South Paris

Famous Bloodlines

Mambrino Wilkes
Son of Onward
Star Pointer
Young Gideon
Hambletonian Wilkes

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