The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

Friday, October 18, 2013

1889 -- Life Members of the Maine State Agricultural Society -- Lewiston, Maine

The Maine State Fair at the State Fair Park in Lewiston, Maine might be considered the major event of Maine's agricultural fairs in the 19th century. The significance of this fair diminished over the years. The champion stallion Nelson from Waterville, Maine proved himself the fastest three-year old stallion on the East coast in 1885. On a tour through Maine in the 1920's Single G, the horse that time forgot, set the Lewiston track record. This post consisting of eleven storyboards provides the names of the leaders of the Maine State Fair and the names of the life members -- more than 1000 strong. In the 19th century Maine's agricultural fairs represented the fabric of Maine's farming community and the people of Maine who so depended upon Maine agricultural production. 

Harness racing is at its best when it is part of a greater event. Even yesterday and today that greater event is the Maine Agricultural Fair!

The names are arranged in alphabetical order. To the right of each name is the town of residence. Explore these names to see if you know of families from your community who might be descendants of the life members listed in the 1889 premium book.

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