The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

The Lost Trotting Parks Storyboard Archives

Monday, October 21, 2013

Lost Trotting Parks Storyboards and Vintage Aroostook County Potato Bags Displayed at the Maine Farm Bureau

Maine Farm Families -- Vintage Aroostook County Potato Bags -- 1940 to 1970

The framed vintage potato bags were first displayed at the Maine Historical Society in Portland, Maine. Added to the display at storyboards of two Maine farming families -- The Reeds of Fort Fairfield and A.L. Thompson of Limestone.

Potato bags and logo art displayed include
1. Reed Brothers, Inc.
2. Bridge Water's Finest
3. Golden Trumpet, Northern Farms, Inc., Fort Kent (one of the owners was Ken Ballard)
4. C. A. Powers, fort Fairfield
5. Dumais Quality Potatoes, Lawrence Dumais and Sons, Inc., Frenchville
6. Old Homestead Potatoes, First National Stores
7. World's Best, Potato Distributors of Maine Co., Presque Isle
8. Flavorite Premium Grad Potatoes, Flavorite Potato Sales Association, Easton
9. Raymond's Island Farm Potatoes, Gerard Raymond, Frenchville
10. Sure Winner Brand, Irving Acres, Presque Isle
11. Aroostook Maid, Bert DSands, Caribou
12. Maine All American Brand -- Lionel Theriault, Caribou

13. Maine Potatoes -- Caribou Brand, S.S. Yankee Friendship to the People of Scotland -- The Gift of the Potato Growers of Caribou, Maine, U.S.A. Christmas 1947
14. A Shield of Quality -- Potatoes -- Pommes De Terre, Eastern Potato Dealers of Maine, Inc., Caribou
15. Maine Land Brand Potatoes, Willard H. Sands, Caribou
16 Tater State Brand -- Maine Potatoes, Country Best, Agway, Inc., Syracuse, New York -- Shipping Office -- Presque Isle

17. Potato Bag Logo Art on 50 pound burlap/paper potato bags -- A.L. Thompson & Sons, Limestone, Maine
18. Potato Bag Logo Art on 10 pound poly bag -- A.L. Thompson & Sons, Limestone, Maine

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  1. On Facebook, Brenda Deojay asked when the Lost Trotting Parks and Potato Bag Display at the Maine Farm Bureau would be moved to another location. Right now the conference room at the Maine Farm Bureau is a wonderful location with lots of exposure to different groups. An idea better than moving the display might be to create an initiative called, "Maine's Conference Room Museum." The idea would be to work with sponsoring institutions to raise funds to create and frame additional storyboards and place them in conference rooms throughout the State of Maine. Institutions including banks, insurance companies, hospitals, real estate offices, schools, and nonprofit organizations. This sounds like a great opportunity -- any suggestions!